Common Benefits


"We work for a living,  we don't live to work."

Salaries are based on experience and are not influenced by gender. Salary is paid on a 13 months basis: a 1-month salary is paid as a bonus at the financial year-end (the very first one is paid proportionally to the time spent in the company). There are sometimes other bonuses based on specific company or personal goals.

We don't ask for overtime and thus there is no paid overtime. We ask employees not work to more than the legal weekly hours because we know that people need to rest and live their life outside work in order to show creativity, quality, efficiency at work. Any overtime is compensated the following week.


We offer flexitime working hours: employees may arrive and leave the office at any time, take as long as they need for lunch, take a day off from time to time as necessary, as long as the legal amount of working hours per week is reached on average over the month.

Remote work is possible on a part-time basis, depending on the position. We provide the devices and data plan so you can work from anywhere.

We offer training and access to book libraries as required for the job.

Travel expenses, if any, are fully taken care of and a daily allowance is included.