Facilis offers a number of services to ease the transition from paper-based AIS to data-centric AIM.

Data Migration

One fundamental step in the transition from AIS to AIM is the migration of aeronautical information from AIS products and any existing database to an AIXM 5.1 database. Nilacandi can assist you in this process.


Do you have an electronic AIP but no AIXM 5 database yet?

We extract data from your eAIP into AIXM 5.1.1 format using our custom-built automated tool: navaids, designated points, routes, airspaces, obstacles, aerodrome sections…

This is convenient to quickly build your AIM database to start with. Then you can store your AIXM data into your own database or into Facilis Origin if you don't have one yet.

Paper AIP to eAIP+AIXM

Do you want to migrate your paper AIP to a modern AIM system?

We call upon our worldwide network of AIS experts when manual migration is the only way forward. Our experts know what is an AIP and they have a long experience in AIXM 5.1. More importantly, they know that aeronautical data requires the highest quality process. With us, your information is in good hands.

Custom data to AIXM

Do you manage your AIS data using MS Excel or some relational database like Oracle or MS SQL?

We can convert your data into AIXM 5.1.1 format for storage into your own database or into Facilis Origin if you don't have one yet.

Many AIS actually have some of their data in an structured electronic format, sometimes on Excel spreadsheets or CSV files, sometimes in a custom-build database. We can convert this data to AIXM 5.1.1 so that you get started with your data in your transition to AIM.

Ready to migrate your data?

Contact us and let's discuss together on the best approach to migrate your aeronautical information in a safe and affordable way. No AIS left behind!