Facilis AIM Portal

Facilis AIM Portal is a Web-based service to publish and access official aeronautical information: aeronautical datasets, AIP, AIRAC and regular Amendments (AIP AMDT), Supplements (AIP SUP) and Circulars (AIC).


Facilis Portal offers Aeronautical Information Services around the world a safe Web site where to publish their datasets and documents.

For Aeronautical Data Users

On Facilis.aero Portal, pilots, airlines and their data providers can find official aeronautical information published directly by aviation authorities or their delegated publishing organisation.

Facilis AIM Portal is not operational yet: it is in a beta testing period. Please contact the State civil aviation authorities to get access to the respective aeronautical information.

Publish Aeronautical Datasets

Since 2018 and the publication of ICAO Annex 15, 16th Edition, aeronautical datasets are official AIS products. ICAO defines 5 datasets: AIP, terrain, obstacle, aerodrome mapping and instrument flight procedure datasets.

Facilis AIM Portal enables AIS departments worldwide to make datasets available to Data USers in a safe and secure way.

Publish digital AIP, AMDT, SUP, AIC

Our study in early 2020 showed that 2 out of 3 AIS departments worldwide publish at least some AIS products on the Web, which shows the AIS community's commitment to move forward with modern technologies.

Unfortunately, more than half of AIS Web sites had problems or limitations: incomplete information, broken links, slow response time, and 4 AIS Web site were not responding at all.

Facilis AIM Portal offers a safe place to publish AIS documents and data, with the highest IT security standards, guaranteed 24x7 availability, and a short response time from anywhere in the world.

Manage subscriptions

Facilis AIM Portal assists AIS departments in managing their list of subscribers. AIS Library Managers can choose among 3 subscription methods:

  • Free access without registration

  • Free access upon registration, to manage both digital and paper subscriptions

  • Paid subscription: AIS Library Managers define prices per publication and whether payments shall be collected offline by the AIS, or online by Facilis.aero.

Facilis AIM Portal immediately and automatically sends subscribers a notification (depending on their settings) when AIS publishes new documents or data.

Secure Aviation Portal

Facilis.aero is an Internet Aviation Service Provider (IASP), in ICAO Doc 9855's terminology. When an AIS selects us to publish their aeronautical data, the AIS needs to accredit Facilis.aero as IASP for their national aeronautical data. The accreditation process is described in Doc 9855 chapter 2. It is typically valid for 3 years. Please contact us for assistance in the accreditation process.

Doc 9855 states that non-time-critical aeronautical information can be provided on the Internet. Time-critical information (NOTAM, SNOWTAM, ASHTAM and other urgent information in a PIB) can as well be provided on the Internet, but "should not be relied upon for time-critical operational decisions, either in flight or immediately prior to departure". Doc 9855 has further requirements, which are all satisfied by Facilis Portal.

Integration with Facilis Origin

Customers who opt for both Facilis Origin and Facilis AIM Portal benefits from a fully automated workflow where validated aeronautical datasets are automatically published to the portal. AIM Portal uses a separate database and separate servers from Facilis Origin, so that Data Users' access has no adverse impact on AIM operations.

Customers who have their own aeronautical database can export their datasets, publish them on Facilis AIM Portal and enjoy all its functionalities.


Beta testing period

The service is free during the beta testing period. Not for operational use. Register to be invited to the beta testing period.

Free trial

Please contact us to get a free 1 month trial with no obligation. You will have access to all service functionalities with pre-loaded test data (ICAO Donlon data). Not for operational use.


The service is affordable for any AIS department, worldwide. No AIS left behind! Contact us for details.

Facilis Origin is subscription-based: customers may choose between a monthly or yearly subscription. The level of service is the same. Payment must be made at the beginning of the subscription period. Yearly subscriptions get 2 months free.

The subscriptions may be stopped at any time. Partially used subscriptions are not reimbursed. Once the subscription is stopped, the service is not accessible any more, except to download a full data export.

Barcelona airport tower By Elemaki - Own work, CC BY 3.0
Pilots in cockpit image by StockSnap from PixabayGarmin G1000 Diamond DA-42 by Matthew Piatt, CC BY-SA 2.0Worldwide AIP library at Eurocontrol © Benoit Maisonny 2010 used by permission