Facilis Origin

Facilis Origin is a Cloud-based software service dedicated to Aeronautical Information Management.

Facilis Origin facilitates the collection, collaborative processing, and distribution, of aeronautical data electronically.

AIS Office

Data editors input aeronautical data on behalf of Data Originators when the latter are not able or willing to do it.

Quality controllers monitor quality reports generated by Facilis Origin, inspect data. Once validated, data is copied to a separate database so that planning and operational data are not mingled.

Data Originators

Data Originators and Data Providers provide data using Facilis Origin's dedicated input forms or system-to-system interfaces (SWIM-compliant).

Users can use a computer, tablet or smartphone with just a Web browser and Internet connection. Entry-level broadband or 3G mobile access is enough.

Validated data

Validated data is accessible (read-only), by other AIS production systems such as AIP, NOTAM, PIB.

Facilis.aero can replicate validated data to a secondary database on-site if required.


Data Originators and Providers have various specialities and some do not come from an aviation domain. Surveyors care about geographical coordinates and elevation while customs only provide immigration regulation text. We can just ask them to fill in an AIXM 5.1 input form.

Facilis.aero Data Profile functionality let us define precisely what data can be seen and what can be edited by users under a given profile. A set of standard profiles is included in the service, while custom profiles can be prepared as an option.


Our service performs several automatic quality checks upon arrival of data:

  • Service Level Agreement: requirements defined in SLAs are managed in the Data Catalogue. This specifies accuracy, units, format, data items and properties.

  • Format: AIXM 5.1 and custom data are supported.

  • Business rules are enforced with a warning level and a blocking level.

  • Quality monitoring reports include SLA compliance and completeness assessment.

Anywhere, Any Time

Being Cloud-based software, Facilis Origin let users access the service from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have Internet access. Users can be working from a runway threshold, the beach, home or the office.

No Installation

Facilis.aero runs on the Cloud. Users only need a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access to reach our service.

For traditional, on-site AIM systems, AIS departments need to purchase hardware, have a server room or build one, pay for systems engineers to come on-site and commission the system. It often takes several months between contract signature and operational use.

Facilis.aero is much simpler to put in operations. New customers get access to Facilis.aero within a day, and can start operations immediately.

No Maintenance

Maintenance is often a problem with traditional on-site systems. Hardware becomes obsolete and spare parts difficult to find. Software must be updated and is a sensitive operation done only once or twice a year, making the system unavailable. Local maintenance requires highly qualified IT staff, who are often difficult to hire and keep in the company.

Facilis.aero requires no maintenance on the part of our customers. We take care of hardware and network resources. We have automatic scaling in place so that more hardware is allocated when there is a usage surge (typically due to the AIRAC cycle). We update Facilis.aero software every 2 weeks to give customers the latest bug fixes and new features. Yes, we're transparent on this: like all software products, ours have bugs. The difference with on-site software is that we update Facilis.aero immediately after a correction is made, rather than several months later. Even better, Facilis.aero is updated without service disruption.

Collect Aeronautical Information Electronically

AIM means managing digital and structured data. It is not about re-encoding from paper, which is a risk to aeronautical data integrity.

Facilis Origin enables AIS departments to collect aeronautical information from AIS Data Providers via online forms, including AIXM 5.1 data.

But my Data Providers don't know AIXM

That is often the case: AIXM 5 is the digital language of aeronautical information experts. It is complex, highly structured, based on XML and not meant for everyone.

Facilis Origin does not require any AIXM knowledge, or even any AIM knowledge. It only requires data providers to know their data. Facilis Origin shows users simplified input forms, with what they need to see, and nothing more.

Secure Operations

Facilis.aero offers top-notch security for identification and data exchange. Facilis.aero uses the highest standards in data encryption. Our service obtained the highest mark (A+) from Qualys SSL Labs Server Test. Our servers are hosted in highly secure facilities, certified and audited for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security standards.

“But my Regulator requires signed promulgation forms”

Indeed they should! With a paper promulgation advice form, that's the only secure option, in fact. On Facilis.aero, virtual promulgation advice forms are submitted by identified users only. User accounts are created, authenticated and managed by the AIS department (or by Facilis.aero if delegated). Two-factor authentication (2FA) is supported. All actions, by users or automatic ones, are recorded for auditing purpose with full traceability data. The history of changes is preserved with identification of authors and approvers.

Lower TCO, No Investment

Facilis.aero is a subscription-based service. Customers just pay a monthly or yearly fee. Unlike traditional AIM software, the AIS department does not need to obtain a huge budget that ties it for 10 years. Administrative burdens are lightened as well, because the service is rented, and can be started and stopped at any time.

This chart shows that Facilis Origin costs less than traditional AIM software from the start, because there is no initial investment. Thereafter, traditional AIM software require high yearly maintenance fees compared to Facilis Origin. This lowers TCO even on the long run.


Beta testing period

The service is free during the beta testing period. Not for operational use. Register to be invited to the beta testing period.

Free trial

Please contact us to get a free 1 month trial with no obligation. You will have access to all service functionalities with pre-loaded test data (ICAO Donlon data). Not for operational use.


Facilis Origin is affordable for any AIS department, worldwide. No AIS left behind! Contact us for details.

Facilis Origin is subscription-based: customers may choose between a monthly or yearly subscription. The level of service is the same. Payment must be made at the beginning of the subscription period. Yearly subscriptions get 2 months free.

The subscriptions may be stopped at any time. Partially used subscriptions are not reimbursed. Once the subscription is stopped, the service is not accessible any more, except to download a full data export.

Usage limits

  • 1 organisation: one Facilis Origin subscription covers the data for a single country and a single publishing organisation. Please contact us if your organisation publishes aeronautical data on behalf of more than one country.

  • 200GB storage included: Facilis Origin subscription includes 200GB SSD data storage, which is largely enough for most organisations during 10 years of operations. Additional storage is available on request.

  • 1TB/month bandwidth: the subscription includes 1 terabyte per month of data transfer between the customer database and any user. This means virtually unlimited data transfer.

  • Unlimited users: the service does not limit the number of users, be it from the AIS office or from Data Originators, Data Providers and the Regulator.

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