Facilis Catalog

Facilis Catalog is a Web-based software service for managing a catalogue of aeronautical data, defining data quality requirements, controlling access, and managing metadata. Facilis Catalog is a key tool for Aeronautical Data Governance.

Any organisation managing aeronautical data based on AIXM, with a need to comply with international and national regulations, bilateral State agreements and Service Level Agreements (SLA) with Data Originators, may benefit from Facilis Catalog.

AIM Data Governance

AIM is all about keeping control on aeronautical information.

  • How is aeronautical data defined precisely?

  • What are its quality requirements?

  • Where does it come from?

  • Who can access it?

  • How should it be displayed to users?

Data Managers use Facilis Catalog to stores and maintain all the knowledge and rules about AIS data.

Data Catalogue

Facilis Catalog displays the data model, including the definition of features, feature attributes, and feature metadata. It lets Data Managers define custom features, attributes and metadata, as well as custom management data about any entry in the catalog.

Data Managers also define data profiles, which are subsets of the catalogue for specific types of Data Providers, Data Originators and Data Users.

Data Quality

Facilis Catalog stores the usual quality management data about aeronautical data: accuracy, publishing resolution for AIP and for charts. Data Managers define business rules to enforce complex validation rules and to verify completeness depending on the target data profile.

Facilis Catalog is aware of the AIRAC cycle and integrates with Facilis Origin to ensure that data changes are provided in a timely manner.

Data Security

Facilis Catalog lets Data Access Managers define precise data access rules for each catalogue item, for create, read, update, delete and validate operations.

All operations on the catalogue are recorded and fully traceable. Facilis Catalog integrates with Facilis Origin, which keeps traceability information about the data itself, for easily performing data audits.

Involve Data Providers and Data Originators

Facilis Catalog enables AIS departments to share specific parts of the catalogue with Data Providers and Data Originators. This is especially useful for definitions and data quality requirements.


Beta testing period

The service is free during the beta testing period. Not for operational use. Register to be invited to the beta testing period.

Free trial

Please contact us to get a free 1 month trial with no obligation. You will have access to all service functionalities with pre-loaded test data (ICAO Donlon data). Not for operational use.


Facilis Catalog is affordable for any AIS department, worldwide. No AIS left behind! Contact us for details.

Facilis Catalog is subscription-based: customers may choose between a monthly or yearly subscription. The level of service is the same. Payment must be made at the beginning of the subscription period. Yearly subscriptions get 2 months free.

The subscriptions may be stopped at any time. Partially used subscriptions are not reimbursed. Once the subscription is stopped, the service is not accessible any more, except to download a full data export.

Usage limits

  • 1 organisation: one Facilis Catalog subscription covers the data for a single country and a single publishing organisation. Please contact us if your organisation publishes aeronautical data on behalf of more than one country.

  • 10GB storage included: Facilis Catalog subscription includes 10GB SSD data storage, which is more than necessary for any aeronautical data catalogue and at least 100 profiles. Additional storage is available on request.

  • 1TB/month bandwidth: the subscription includes 1 terabyte per month of data transfer between the customer database and any user. This means virtually unlimited data transfer.

  • Unlimited users: the service does not limit the number of users, be it from the AIS office or from Data Originators, Data Providers and the Regulator.

Article on Aeronautical data Governance

Please read our article on AIM Data Governance, published in IFAIMA's newsletter 2020-01.